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Work, here.
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Our Mission
Greencroft Communities creates dynamic living communities that embrace the creativity, contributions and challenges of aging for all, grounded in service excellence, compassionate care and Mennonite values.

Greencroft – leading with CROFT values

CROFT values
Pursuing innovative solutions, creative ideas and ongoing improvement.
CROFT values
Showing courtesy, kindness, grace, mercy, patience and love for all.
CROFT values
Embracing our differences, listening to others’ points of view.
CROFT values
Responding with careful consideration for all.
CROFT values
Working together to create memorable experiences — making this the best place to live and work.

Join us at Greencroft Goshen for the opportunity to make a difference

Here’s what our staff has to say.
Greencroft testimonials - Cheryl Shreiner
“If we’re not able to enjoy ourselves and enjoy our work, what’s the point?”
Director of Household Living
Greencroft testimonials - Pedro Palomaras
“They’re not just co-workers – they become your family.”
Qualified Medical Assistant
Greencroft testimonials - Ruth Vega
“You can go home realizing that you helped others, and that they appreciated what you did for them.”
Certified Nursing Assistant Team Leader